My story

I am a 35 year old female and I have suffered with Migraines since I was roughly 25. I have always suffered with headaches even as a child. My mother and grandmother both suffered too, but not anymore. 

My migraine trigger is my monthly cycle, at least I know when to expect it! The migraine can last 5-10 days and I take another 5 days to recover. I had to stop taking the contraception pill because I have a high stroke risk but when I was on the pill I still got migraines but not as severe but I never knew when they would attack which was worse in a way as it was difficult to make any plans. 

I work full-time in an office on a computer screen as a book cover designer / manager. I cannot take 5-10 days per month off sick as I would lose my job! Therefore it can often feel like torture if I'm honest but I have learnt to deal with it. However my migraines have got more severe over the past 3 months which is why I have started this blog to share my experience and try to help others. It's also good to talk about things with people who are in the same boat because my husband, friends, work colleagues will never understand what I actually go through. 

I've tried all the options that my GP has suggested and none have worked including: beta-blockers, such as propranolol, antidepressant such asamitriptyline, anti-inflammatory drug, such as pizotefen, anticonvulsant, such as divaloproex sodium. I generally find my regular GP unhelpful. 

I have been referred to a Neurologist once when I was 26. I had a brain scan, luckily everything was normal. 

Pain killers do not work for me but if I can feel the start of a migraine, I take Ibuprofen LiquiFast by Anadin 200mg which eases the starting pain a little. My best discovery which a friend told me about (not my GP I hasten to add) was Maxalt (rizatriptan). I had to tell my doctor to prescribe this to me! I take one during a migraine attack, if it doesn't work then I take another one after about 4 hours. However I try to limit the amount I take as they can cause chronic / rebound migraines but sometimes I just don't have any choice. 

Maxalt have really helped me to get on with my life. I've managed to go to a party on Maxalt! I refuse to let migraines rule my life. People don't actually believe me when I say I go to work with a migraine but I really don't have a choice! I wouldn't be able to pay the bills and I would lose my house. 

To be continued...

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