Friday, 25 January 2013

Migraine SOS! 25 Non-medic quick tips for when you need it most…

1. Place a cold towel on your head from the freezer or try 'Kool'n' Soothe for immediate relief

2. Stretch the muscles in your neck, do some yoga or stretching

3. Massage pressure points – big toe and the muscles on the palm of your hand just below your thumb

4. Eat grapes

5. Eat a dozen almonds

6. Drink lots of water

7. Wear anti-glare glasses (if you work on a computer screen)

8. Drink chamomile tea at the start of a migraine

9. Other herbal teas to help the pain:
Can add ginger too

10. Grind lemon skin and paste it on your forehead

11. Dim the lights or sit in a dark room

12. Sit quietly, try to relax

13. Wear sun glasses and earplugs

14. Take regular mild exercise

15. Get some fresh air and greenery

16. Take deep breaths

17. Try to think positive, it will get better! Watch comedy as laughing can help you to relax and be positive and take your mind off the pain

18. Avoid any tension, stress or thinking too much

19. Have a session with an Osteopath to remove any tension in your neck

20. Massage head and temples, back and shoulders

21. Eat fresh vegetables and fruit

22. Don't have any Cheese, wine or chocolate

23. Don't eat processed meats

24. Do meditation

25. Daily vitamins / supplements to try:
Magnesium citrate
or magnesium taurate
Multi vitamin B 
(Riboflavin = B2 vitamin)
Coenzyme Q10
feverfew (don't use when pregnant)  

Please note: I'm not a GP, all of the above is non-medic advice. I have found this info through my own research or experiences. Please check the doses with an expert before you try.