Friday, 8 February 2013

It's day 2 of my cycle and no migraine :-D Touch Wood!!!

It's a miracle!

No menstrual migraine this month, I'm so happy! I want to share exactly what I done and what happened…

It's day 2 of my cycle and no migraine :-D Touch Wood!!!

I had a mild headache 4 days ago which gradually got worse by the evening, I went to bed and I was expecting to wake up in agony with a migraine (this is what usually happens) but I felt completely fine. The next day I had no headache and what's more – it was gone! But then the same thing happened 2 days later, it was just a mild headache throughout the day which gradually got worse but ibuprofen stopped the pain. Then the following day, the headache vanished. Wethers normally it would turn into a migraine lasting up to 10 days. Since then I've been fine!

I need to continue to do what I've been doing over the past month and I'm hoping this is my road to success.

I wanted to share this in case anyone stumbles across my blog, it's worth a try…

Here's what I did over the past month:

Took these high strength vitamins and minerals everyday: magnesium citrate 250mg, Vitamin D3 25ug, Vitamin B, omega fish oil;

Had a session with an Osteopath who relieved all the tension in my neck;

I stretched the muscles in my neck every day and done some yoga;

Eating really healthily with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, also no processed meats and not much alcohol

Here's what I did 1 week prior to my cycle:

Kalms tablets (2 tablets 3 times a day);
Replaced most cups of tea with Camomile tea to keep me relaxed and to sleep better;
Included grapes in my diet;
I drank tons of water;
I didn't have any cheese, chocolate, alcohol and processed foods
Early nights;
Tried to relax as much as possible;

Deep breaths for relaxation and to get lots of oxygen to the brain;
Fresh air walks.

(Need to watch out for my boss who keeps trying to turn the light on above my desk: migraine alert! How many times do I have to say "I don't want the light on above my desk thanks, it triggers a migraine" Aahhh! I need one of those migraine awareness stickers to stick on my light switch me thinks!)